NOX becomes the official ball of A1 Padel

  • March 05, 2024

NOX has announced that it will be the official ball of A1 Padel, one of the most renowned professional paddle circuits internationally at present, during the 2024 and 2025 seasons.


Following the closure of this sponsorship collaboration, Alfonso Bastida, Marketing Director of NOX, commented: "A1Padel has shown from day one that it is a circuit committed to internationalization, with a clear focus on emerging markets such as the United States. A1Padel is a circuit that has always prioritized young paddle talents, providing opportunities to players who otherwise would not have been able to access professionalism. These values ​​are fully aligned with the values ​​of NOX and the Nox Future Academy (NFA) project.".

NOX will debut as the official ball at the opening tournament of the season, the Simsa Puebla Open, which will be played with the NOX Pro Titanium model. However, for weeks now, the brand has been actively working on the development of two new ball models specifically for this circuit. The first will be faster (Nerbo model), ideal for tournaments taking place in cold climate territories or at sea level, requiring a livelier bounce, while the second will be a ball where control is paramount (Tempo model) to adapt to the needs of warm climate areas or courts located above 600 meters altitude.

It is worth noting that the balls are being designed taking into account the criteria of the players of the Nox Future Academy (NFA) and A1 Padel players. Likewise, tests have been carried out with amateur players to guarantee the quality of the ball for all levels of play.

Both models will be available from the second quarter of 2024 and will be marketed at NOX's usual points of sale in both three-ball and four-ball formats. The four-ball format will be used in the circuit, coinciding with the number of balls used at the professional level, thus avoiding excessive waste generation. Among the main advantages of the four-ball cans is a longer duration of the cans by spreading the wear of the balls more evenly, even from the warm-up, and also that on outdoor courts, it is easy to lose a ball, so the 4-ball format allows having an additional ball in those cases.



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