The padel court manufacturer and installer creates a new playing field

Gimpadel adds a new court model to its product catalog

  • The new court designed and manufactured by GIMPADEL
  • March 14, 2024

GIMPADEL®, a manufacturer and installer of padel courts, presents its latest project.

This marks the introduction of the first of a new type of court offered by GIMPADEL®. All the details have been published on their Instagram profile:

  • Manufactured with the latest technology in material treatment
  • Equipped with protection against environmental factors such as impacts, corrosion, or weather
  • Designed to comply with all regulations required for international competitions

Its revolutionary design will set a new global standard.

GIMPADEL® is a brand born in the city of León, Spain, and has managed to conquer the national territory and part of the international market, building courts in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Kuwait, Portugal, and Kenya, among many others.

Customers trust GIMPADEL®, which is known for using materials of Spanish origin, contributing to the growth and international expansion of domestic suppliers.

With this latest addition, GIMPADEL® offers a greater variety of products to its customers, always ensuring the best quality in the market.

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