Padel Galis and Realturf join forces to create the new PGR By Bela turf

  • March 20, 2024

Padel Galis, in collaboration with Realturf Systems and the legendary padel player Fernando Belasteguín, has launched an innovative turf, the new PGR by Bela. This revolutionary turf has been meticulously designed to enhance the gaming experience and elevate the competition standard in the world of padel.

This new turf has been created with a focus on optimizing gaming conditions, especially to improve properties in favor of greater agility in the game and instant comfort when stepping on the court. The Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV) and the Spanish Padel Federation (FEP) have certified the properties of PGR turf, using an approach that measures and contrasts pavement information and player biomechanics.

The main benefits of PGR pavement lie, firstly, in an increase in player slipperiness to avoid excessive and less aggressive grip for the player. This makes it possible to achieve a faster court where sliding becomes easier. Secondly, it allows the reduction of the pavement's deformation capacity in the face of impacts generated by athletes during the game, making the turf more durable.

Furthermore, Fernando Belasteguín points out that this turf has a clear effect on ball interaction, "making the ball accelerate a bit more and arrive with more force at the padel," favoring a higher and faster bounce. Finally, according to biomechanical analyses conducted, the results indicate that increased slipperiness offers a much more comfortable sensation for the player.

Based on the trials conducted, the improvements of this new turf do not penalize the surface, neither in terms of performance nor in terms of player perception, but quite the opposite. With the creation of PGR, "a turf aimed at the bulk of people who play padel has been achieved based on the need to make a product more adapted to the player," as stated by Fernando Belasteguín himself, achieving a floor that improves player cushioning and agility.

It is also worth noting that PGR turf is sustainable because both the backing and filaments are 100% recyclable, as the entire turf is manufactured from the same polymer family, facilitating more efficient product recycling without the need for chemical treatment or material separation during recycling.

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