Siux presents its new range of Trilogy rackets

  • March 20, 2024

Siux, a Spanish company specializing in rackets sports, has launched its new range of Trilogy rackets. Comprising five new models, this is the brand's widest range yet, focused on a racket tailored to a gameplay style based on precision and control.

With a broader sweet spot, this franchise is designed for players who control the pace of the game, who work the point until they force the opponent's error or until they define it with precision. It's intended for right-handed and versatile players in rhythm, who have the ability to change it if needed. Comfortable and easy to maneuver, the rackets in the Trilogy range help the player adapt quickly to them, offering a superior gaming experience. 

This release fits into Siux's strategy of offering a quality product tailored to gameplay and performance on the court, which began late last year with the launch of the Electra ST3.

Five models to elevate your game.

Within the range, the Trilogy Control Pro 4 stands out, the racket with which Patty Llaguno will compete this season, and which she already debuted exclusively in Riyadh. Designed for players seeking maximum control, it features a completely new mold that expands the sweet spot and optimizes maneuverability. With a medium touch, low balance, and glossy finish, it highlights the 3D relief made with epoxy resin, which prevents wear. It incorporates 24k carbon at 45 degrees for a more uniform touch, EVA rubber, and a 3k carbon and aramid frame, increasing durability; as well as Dual Pro Grip and ShockOuts.

Next up are the Trilogy Lite Air 4 and Trilogy Lite Air 4 W, the lightest rackets in the franchise. Two versions that differ from each other in both design and ball output. It's a model that also maintains the same balance as the Pro but incorporates Soft EVA rubber and low-thickness 21k Twill carbon, which provides more flexibility; as well as the 3D finish, but this time matte. This racket has been chosen by Javi García to compete this season.

Completing the franchise are the Trilogy Go 4 and Trilogy Go 4 W, which share the same technical characteristics but differ in both design and ball output. They feature a smooth and matte finish, 3k carbon faces, and a mixed tubular frame.




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