Global Padel Court creates a padel court for Franco Stupaczuk

  • March 25, 2024

The Spanish company Global Padel Court, specialized in the manufacture of world-class certified padel courts, has unveiled its latest creation: the "Stupa" court. This innovative court has been designed for professional player Franco Stupaczuk, currently ranked 6th by the FIP (International Padel Federation).

Developed jointly by the R&D department of Global Padel Court and Franco Stupaczuk himself, the "Stupa" padel court features reinforced welds to withstand players hits against the fence, making it one of the most robust courts on the market. Additionally, blue and silver colors have been chosen, which have shown to improve ball visibility during play, along with a light intensity of 26,000 lumens to ensure there are no shadows on the court.

The entire court is personalized with the quality seal of "Stupa", paying attention to the smallest detail. According to Franco Stupaczuk, the Stupa court is "the court you need to be able to perform my jumps and turns, because of its speed and safety".





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