NXPadel unveils its limited edition court collection

  • April 08, 2024

NXPadel Selection is the name of the new limited edition court collection by the Italian brand NX Padel, comprised of the courts "The Timber", "The Spectre", and "The David".


The Timber is one of the three limited edition padel courts from the new NXPadel Selection collection, featuring a fiberglass structure that mimics wood, giving it an authentic and immaculate soul that harmonizes with nature.

The fiberglass structure has been reinterpreted, this time worked with a finish that replicates the wood of a tree, and the result is nothing short of astonishing, as well as super realistic. The finish enhances every grain and hue of the wood, giving The Timber an iconic aesthetic that can immediately project us into a reality where nature and human activity have no degrees of separation, and where we can deeply breathe the pleasure of an unprecedented gaming experience, in perfect symbiosis with the purest colors, aromas, and sensations.

The unprecedented structure of The Timber couldn't be without the brilliant greens of ZeroS to give it an even more natural appearance in harmony with its surroundings. In this way, when The Timber is placed in a mountainous environment or another rich in trees and vegetation, it will seem to blend with them, leaving barely a trace of its presence.


The Spectre features a fiberglass structure that replicates the appearance of carbon fiber, giving the court a soul oriented towards dynamism, high technology, and modernity.

The choice of carbon fiber is not accidental: it has always been recognized as a material that symbolizes lightness, speed, technology, and dynamism, which are exactly the intrinsic values that the brand wants to convey to those who wish to explore its incredible potential when experiencing one of the 10 numbered units available since April 1, 2024.


The David is inspired by the figure of Michelangelo's David. The fiberglass structure has been reinterpreted with marble finishes, making it an icon of style and unparalleled beauty in the industry.

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