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  • April 10, 2024

The collection of padel bags, backpacks, and bags from adidas is here. The new models of the Multigame, Protour, and Tour padel bags stand out in a release that also features five backpacks and a wide variety of bags, such as the Ale Galán Shoe Bag AG, the Wallet Bag 3.3, or the Weekend Bag.

The collection consists of 10 new padel bags with various features to suit all profiles. Among them are the spacious and comprehensive Multigame 3.3, the modern and ergonomic Tour 3.3 and Protour 3.3, and the compact Control 3.3, available in three colors."

Regarding backpacks, adidas presents three new Multigame models and two from the Protour range. They stand out for their compact structure designed to combine padel practice with everyday life. The Protour backpacks feature a U-shaped closure that makes them very accessible, while the 'rolltop' system of the Multigame allows for size adjustment.

The 2024 collection also includes 7 bags of various sizes and 3 travel bags. In total, there are 25 new top-quality products designed to accompany each player in the way that suits them best at any given moment.

Customized lines for Galán and Ortega

The new adidas products have been manufactured to also meet the needs of elite padel players. Among Ale Galán's bag collection for 2024, his new Multigame 3.3 Black stands out, an attractive and high-capacity padel bag. Under the signature of the Madrid player, you'll find the Multigame 3.3 backpack, the specific shoe bag Shoe Bag AG, and the accessory bag Accessory Bag AG.


Marta Ortega's new padel bag is the Tour 3.3 Anthracite, featuring an innovative and highly attractive design. In her 2024 bag line, the Weekend Bag Anthracite stands out, a lightweight product designed to be carried over the shoulder or by hand with ample space for all essentials on the court. Additionally, the adidas player will have the Accessory Bag MO, a bag for smaller items.

The 2024 collection includes the new padel bag by Álex Ruiz. It's the new Protour 3.3 Black/Orange, elegant and offering top-notch features for professionals at the highest level.

Adidas's ambition with this new launch is to meet the needs of each and every padel player. That's why it includes spacious padel bags like the Multigame 3.3, as well as more compact ones like the Control 3.3; backpacks designed to complement the sport with everyday life, and bags for all requirements - from the smallest ones like the Wallet Bag 3.3, to the larger ones like the Weekend Bag Anthracite.

All the possibilities of padel bag options are found in adidas's new 2024 collection of padel bags and backpacks.

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