Discover all the details of the Ingode Padel 360 Panoramic track

  • April 11, 2024

The 360 Panoramic court is one of the most successful offerings from Ingode Padel, one of the leading companies in the manufacturing and installation of high-quality padel courts.

The 360 Panoramic court, designed with the guidance of professional circuit players to offer an unparalleled gaming experience, stands as one of the company's gems. This court features an innovative design that ensures full visibility from all four corners, providing players with an unobstructed playing environment and exceptional visual clarity. Conceived for high-level players and sporting events, the 360 Panoramic court meets the strict specifications of the FEP and FIP, in addition to holding structural certifications ensuring its quality and safety.

The 360 Panoramic, a court of very lightweight design that doesn't compromise its robustness, features 12mm Spanish manufactured glass, a spectacular design ensemble ensuring durability, safety, and exceptional performance in every match. Furthermore, the curved design of its lighting posts, the incorporation of cutting-edge LED technology, the electro-welded and framed mesh system, and the 360-degree vision system, without corners, reflect Ingode Padel's commitment to excellence in every detail.

Lastly, it's worth noting that the entire production process taking place in their facilities means that the 360 Panoramic court is fully customizable.

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