Rafa Nadal joins Playtomic as a shareholder

  • April 12, 2024

Rafa Nadal has become a shareholder of Playtomic, the application for booking padel and tennis courts, and the largest racket sports community in the world, with the aim of boosting its international expansion.


Currently, Playtomic already operates in over 50 countries and closed the last year with profitability. For 2024, Playtomic projects a 50% growth, focusing on key markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, and Indonesia, while expanding into new territories such as the United States, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

"I am very happy with this opportunity, as Playtomic naturally and socially brings together a community interested in paddle tennis and tennis, making these sports accessible to all kinds of people regardless of their physical condition or level of play", emphasizes Rafa Nadal. "I have always been very committed to bringing everyone closer to sports, as it has been demonstrated to have a positive impact on society", the tennis player asserts.

On the other hand, Félix Ruiz, co-founder and CEO of Playtomic, adds: "We are thrilled to see a sports legend like Rafa Nadal joining Playtomic. It will be a great boost to help us promote our technological platform and support the growth of racket sports worldwide".

The company and Nadal share the common goal of "providing greater access and playing experience for all fans and professionals alike, demonstrating that racket sports are meant for a very broad audience". This commitment is also reflected in the importance both place on technology to facilitate access and participation in these activities, both for the end player and for clubs.

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