Wilson commemorates Belasteguín's 30-year career with the launch of the Bela v2.5 collection

  • April 11, 2024

The current season will mark the last one as a professional for Fernando Belasteguín, one of the most prominent figures in the history of padel. To commemorate his 30-year career and accompany him in his final season as a player, Wilson has crafted the new Bela v2.5 collection.

Wilson's new collection comprises three new padel rackets: the Bela Pro v2.5, the Bela Elite v2.5, and the Bela LT v2.5. Co-designed to celebrate the player's memorable legacy and created for those seeking a balance between offense and defense, these three rackets offer an optimal wide hitting spot and feature the player's signature on the face, along with a significant detail on the handle cord, reading the phrase "A Belasteguín never gives up".

Undoubtedly, the jewel of the collection is the Bela Pro v2.5, which will be used by Fernando Belasteguín. Aimed at advanced players looking to define points and have more explosiveness in their attacks, this racket is designed with Belasteguín's input, utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver maximum performance. With an enhanced sweet spot and consistent feel, the frame is integrated with firm EVA foam and Primero Carbon, offering a combination of power and responsiveness.

However, Wilson aims to cater to all padel players with its new collection, thus adding two complementary rackets to the series that can adapt to various levels and playing styles.

On one hand, the Wilson Bela Elite v2.5, a racket similar to the former but with some notable modifications. Also featuring a red-accented design, this model boasts woven carbon fibers strategically overlaying a soft EVA foam core to provide comfortable and effortless power, while also offering extra control and a slightly wider sweet spot.

On the other hand, the Wilson Bela LT v2.5 is the softest racket in the entire range. Designed not to strain the arm, this latter model combines a Soft EVA foam core with a woven layer of carbon fiber on the face, offering cushioned and comfortable power on every stroke, thus providing a greater sense of playability. It's worth noting that, unlike its collection counterparts, the predominant color in the Bela LT design is white.

Wilson celebrates the launch of the Bela v2.5 series with an exclusive event

On April 6th, Wilson hosted an exclusive event for padel enthusiasts to celebrate the launch of the latest Wilson Bela v2.5 paddle tennis racket and its collaboration with the legendary paddle tennis player Fernando Belasteguín. This event took place at Cisalfa, a Wilson-affiliated store in Rome, where paddle tennis enthusiasts had the opportunity to meet the player and get their new Bela v2.5 racket signed by this sports legend. The first arrivals at the store received gifts, making the day very exciting for Italian paddle tennis fans.

At the event, Fernando Belasteguín, who has been the world number one for 16 years, commented: "I have loved feeling the excitement of paddle tennis fans at this event and sharing the new rackets with them. I am very happy to be able to contribute my experience to bring the best high-performance products to the market together with Wilson. Especially this year, which is my last year on the circuit".

In turn, Iñaki Cabrera, Global Commercial Director of the padel department at Wilson, said: "We are proud to continue our long collaboration with Bela and are thrilled to present the next evolution of this fruitful partnership, the Bela v2.5 series. These products, co-designed by the most versatile strategist in the history of padel, have been created to enhance the experience of padel players at any level".

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