Joma presents its most advanced high-end padel racket collection

  • April 15, 2024

Joma's commitment to padel is unstoppable: the brand remains determined to surpass itself. In this expansion process, Joma introduces the market to the new 2024 padel racket collection, completely enhanced in terms of quality, technology, and design.

The new collection is completed with the evolution of the PRO LINE series, dedicated to expert players and equipped with the most advanced technology on the market to deliver maximum performance on the court. The new Pro Line refreshes the design and focuses on highlighting its power and elegance, while maintaining the high technology that characterizes Joma's padel product.

The Slam Pro, Tournament Pro, and Gold Pro models are once again the protagonists of this release. Each of them features specific characteristics, such as shape, balance, or grip, to adapt to all types of players and techniques. What they all have in common is that they are packed with technical qualities, developed in Joma Padel's innovation center and aimed at optimizing results.

For example, the core highlights FLEXO BlackEVA, a high-recovery foam that promotes control and power; and FLEXSHIELD 3k Carbon, responsible for durability and racket protection. On the other hand, the 100% carbon-built EXO COUNTER frame reinforces the foam and provides greater reactivity, while the VIBRA OUT bridge reduces vibrations by 40%. Finally, ROTATION is a relief technology applied to the racket faces to achieve greater ball effect.

In conclusion, Joma has developed a great catalog of unique padel rackets with the aim of each player finding their perfect companion to enjoy the sport they are passionate about.

The 2024 Joma padel racket collection is now available for purchase both in the brand's official physical stores and online store.

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