Vairo Padel adds three new padel rackets to its Advanced Carbon Series collection

  • April 22, 2024

Bomber Gold 8.3, Bomber Pro 8.3 and Bomber Yellow 8.3 are the three new padel rackets that the Argentine brand Vairo Padel has incorporated into its Advanced Carbon Series collection. These rackets possess the same characteristics in terms of composition, shape, and technologies, with their design being what sets them apart.

The three Bomber paddles have been designed in black, but they are distinguished by the color of their details: gold for the Bomber Gold, white and blue for the Bomber Pro, and white and yellow for the Bomber Yellow.

The Bomber padel rackets are control rackets designed for intermediate to advanced level players. Their round shape allows for more controlled gameplay, while their structure and lightweight make them easily adaptable and highly maneuverable. They are padel rackets with a great touch, with the ideal control-power ratio to meet the demands of intermediate to advanced level players.

Additionally, they feature up to six of the most advanced technologies:

  • Reinforced Zone: Double carbon structure on the sides of the padel rackets core: minimizes torsions and vibrations produced upon ball impact.
  • Speed Shot: The architecture of the internal vertices of the core, along with the triangular format of the padel rackets arms, achieves an extremely rigid core, allowing us to obtain a sweet spot with 20% more surface area.
  • Carbon Composite: Material of extreme rigidity and lightweight. Increases the padel rackets performance by enhancing performance and control during gameplay.
  • Dual Integrated Columns: Grip system specially designed for greater stability. It is formed by different carbon tubes located on the walls of the core, allowing greater padel control.
  • Undergrip Absorption: The "Expandex PC16" mesh, located between the base of the padel rackets handle and the grip, makes it possible to feel greater softness and comfort.
  • EVA: Characterized by its great elasticity and rebound index, it keeps the initial performance and elasticity of the core practically unchanged over time and use.

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