Siux presents its new apparel collection

  • April 26, 2024

Siux, one of the leading brands in the padel industry, presents its second apparel collection for the spring-summer season that has just begun.

The apparel collection structure of Siux consists of three different product families: Individual, based on the latest design trends and technology in the industry; Club, featuring garments for clubs and teams competing in various leagues; and Player, designed so that any player can sport the uniforms of the Siux Team players on the court. Each family is unique and comprises different product lines.

Álvaro Alejandro Leonet, Product Director, states: "With this new collection, Siux aims to offer each player a wide range of garments they can identify with while simultaneously enhancing their game on the court with absolute comfort. Additionally, when defining the three ranges that make up the collection, we have taken into account all the profiles that currently play this increasingly diverse sport".

Within the Individual family, the Premium range offers minimalist designs that stand out for the quality of their fabrics: these garments are highly elastic, providing excellent comfort with every movement. Additionally, the brand logo is present on the garments in a 3D embossed format.

In this range, there are two main colors: white in the Jaquard collection and blue in the Eman collection, which integrates Emana technology. Emana technology is characterized by stimulating blood microcirculation, accelerating muscle recovery, and ensuring greater well-being.

Additionally, garments in this Premium range include an antibacterial finish that ensures freshness for longer by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria. Players can also rest assured about sweat thanks to Thermodry technology, which transfers moisture to the fabric for evaporation, keeping them dry and comfortable.

The Advance range of the Individual family is characterized by combining different fabrics in the same garment, using sublimation on micro-perforated fabrics. Here, we find a men's set available in two colors, consisting of very comfortable and lightweight pants and a shirt with antibacterial treatment and quick drying properties. For female players, there are also options in green and blue, such as a short-sleeved shirt with the same features as the male model and a skirt made of 90% recycled polyester that perfectly adapts to every movement.

Those seeking color and design in their sports garments will find different options with innovative styles in the For All and Casual ranges of this family. The Casual product line consists of a stretchy tracksuit that promotes elasticity, a waterproof windbreaker with a unique zipper featuring the SIUX logo, and a 100% cotton shirt. In addition to being stylish, the garments in the For All range also include an antibacterial finish and Thermodry technology.

Fans of Argentine players Franco Stupaczuk and Sanyo Gutiérrez will once again be able to sport jerseys with the same design that their idols use for competition, thanks to the launch of the Player family. It includes garments with the highest quality fabrics and designs tailored to the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Technology is also present in this family, as the outfits also feature antibacterial finishes and Thermodry technology. Each player's collection consists of several jerseys, outerwear such as jackets and hoodies, and also wristbands, one for each player.

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