adidas, official padel racket of the Premier Padel tournaments in Seville and Malaga

  • May 03, 2024

Tthe Premier Padel Andalucía Sevilla P2 and the Premier Padel Andalucía Málaga P1 will feature the latest models from adidas as official padel rackets.

This agreement with the organizer of the world's top-level padel circuit is another step in adidas commitment to leading progress in this sport. Being part of the padel elite is a tremendous source of pride for adidas. Accompanying some of the best athletes in the world is one of its greatest assets, as is being alongside the best competitions.

The brand's commitment to padel is undeniable, as is the growth strategy they pursue within the sport. adidas has been a pioneer in the sector, and they want to continue demonstrating it for over a decade now, with their partnership with Premier Padel for the tournaments in Seville and Malaga.

José Luis Sicre, CEO of AFP Group, acknowledged the importance of this agreement. "For a brand like ours, which strives to be among the best, it was essential to continue supporting professional padel. That's why we will have a presence in all the tests in Spain, one of the most passionate countries for padel worldwide. Being able to walk hand in hand with Premier Padel is a real privilege", he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Joan Cuscó, president of Octagon Spain, the company managing both the Sevilla P2 and the Málaga P1, as well as the rest of the Premier Padel tournaments in Spain, also positively valued this signing. "It was impossible to think of padel without referring to adidas, and that's why it's key to join our paths to promote the practice of this sport. We're excited that such a popular brand, which is doing so well, is betting in this way," he concluded.

Adidas padel rackets will be in the spotlight at two tournaments on the best padel circuit in the world, where the most prominent players on the planet compete.


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