Act Sports shines in the Premier Padel tournament in Brussels

  • May 06, 2024

The Gare Maritime of Brussels, located in the heart of Tour & Taxis, was ablaze during the first European stage of the prestigious Premier Padel 2024 circuit. For Beaulieu International Group, this wasn't just any padel test, as its sports turf brand, Act Sports, had the honor of being the official turf provider for this event.

"The world's best players deserve a world-class playing surface", declared the organizers of Brussels Premier Padel. And Act Sports' high-quality sports turf proved to be the perfect choice, with careful attention to the comfort and safety of the players.

"We are immensely proud to have been part of this event", said Lieven Bertier, Marketing Director of Act Sports. "It was truly special to witness the world's best players showcasing their skills on our sports turf. This experience certainly leaves us eager for more!"

Now is the time to carefully remove and recycle both the #Score padel turf and the Rewind event carpet that adorned this unique venue. Because that's what Shaping sustainable living, together is all about!

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