Discover the new line of Enebe balls

  • May 08, 2024

Enebe has launched its new Pro Bounce ball line, specifically designed for players with outstanding skills on the court.

The new Enebe Pro Bounce balls are the result of a careful selection of top-quality materials. Crafted with a combination of natural wool and high-performance synthetic materials, these balls offer exceptional durability and consistent bounce even after several matches.

The Pro Bounce line consists of two distinct models, each designed to meet specific needs on the court:

  • Enebe Pro Bounce: This model is composed of 43% natural wool. This wool ratio translates to less ball output, resulting in a slightly slower but controlled game. Therefore, it is an ideal model for players who prefer a more deliberate and precise pace in their game.
  • Enebe Pro Bounce S: The "Speed" model of the Pro Bounce range is composed of 20% natural wool. This lower wool proportion makes the ball lighter, with greater ball output and a more pronounced bounce. Therefore, it is an ideal model for players seeking a faster and more dynamic game.

One of the standout features of the Pro Bounce balls is their ability to adapt to different playing conditions. The Pro Bounce S is recommended for slow courts, where the pace of the game may need an additional boost, while the Pro Bounce is ideal for faster courts or in warm climates, where precise control is crucial to keep the game in check.

Finally, it is worth noting that both models share technical characteristics that guarantee optimal performance:

  • Diameter: 6.54 to 6.65 cm
  • Bounce: 135 to 147 cm
  • Weight: 56.7 to 58.5 g

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