Padel Tech appoints Alvaro Matador as the new commercial director

  • May 10, 2024

Padel Tech, in its constant pursuit of consolidating a high-performance team, has announced the incorporation of Alvaro Matador García de Vinuesa as its new commercial director. This decision marks a step forward in the company's commitment to the international expansion of padel, always backed by top-notch quality and service.


Alvaro Matador not only brings expertise in the world of padel, with prominent roles as a professional player and coach, but also contributes with a solid academic background and extensive experience in commercial and managerial positions. He holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering and an MBA in Business Administration, which, combined with his distinguished career in the business world, provides him with a unique and comprehensive perspective.

Padel has always been closely intertwined with Alvaro's professional life, as he has dedicated part of his career as the Padel Coordinator and Sports Director at the Real Club Jolaseta. Furthermore, at Padel Nuestro, Alvaro took the helm for a year as the International Expansion Manager.

These qualifications solidify a well-crafted career and outstanding experience in both commercial and sports realms. Therefore, Matador's addition represents not only a commitment to growth and leadership in the padel market but also an opportunity to instill a new vision and identity into the company. Padel Tech reaffirms its commitment to padel and all its clients with the aim of continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible.

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