Realturf becomes the official playing surface of the Pro Padel League

  • May 15, 2024

Realturf, one of the leading companies in the artificial turf market, and the Pro Padel League (PPL), the only professional padel league in North America, have signed a new sponsorship agreement establishing Realturf as the official playing surface of the PPL from the upcoming events of the PPL season until the PPL Cup Championship in 2026. Additionally, the Spanish company will also collaborate in developing unique and innovative designs in the world of sports turf for the league's padel courts.

“We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Realturf who is a global leader in developing high performance turf for padel courts”, said Marcos del Pilar, PPL Commission.We are looking forward to working with Realturf and developing custom court designs for the PPL in order to provide an optimal playing surface for our players in the League”.

“It’s an honor for Realturf to partner with the Pro Padel League who is on the forefront of growing the sport of padel across North America and quickly gaining worldwide recognition”, commented Carlos Bataller, General Manager of Realturf USA. “Like the PPL, Realturf is an innovator in padel and we are committed to providing high performance artificial turf for the league and their players. Additionally, we are looking forward to creating turf designs specifically for the PPL and their players”.

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