StarVie joins forces with Global Padel Court to create a padel court

  • May 21, 2024

StarVie, a Spanish company established in 2002 and dedicated to manufacturing padel rackets since 2013 in Spain, has announced an exciting collaboration with Global Padel Court, a Spanish company specializing in padel court construction. Both share the "Made In Spain" label as a symbol of quality, responsibility, and well-executed work, which is why they are joining forces to create a unique product: the StarVie padel court. This strategic collaboration will enable them to leverage synergies, combine knowledge and resources, and take their product and service offerings to new levels of excellence and customer satisfaction.

Together, they are excited to explore new opportunities and further elevate the standard of quality in the world of padel. This strategic alliance reflects StarVie's steadfast commitment to providing padel players worldwide with top-notch products and services that enhance their on-court experience.

StarVie Court by Global Padel Court

Developed jointly by the R&D department of Global Padel Court and with excellent contributions from StarVie regarding player safety and game professionalization, the StarVie Court by Global Padel Court is a panoramic 360 court, without corner pillars, leaving the field of vision completely clear. This allows for a game with fewer distractions and greater comfort for spectators.

This court will meet the expectations of the most demanding players, as it features reinforced welds to withstand player impacts against the fence, making it one of the sturdiest courts on the market. Additionally, it also boasts lighting that ensures there are no shadows on the court, allowing you to play under perfect conditions. We're talking about a luminous intensity of 26,000, which makes it unbeatable for indoor play.

The corporate colors of red and white, along with the black of the StarVie brand, have been chosen to create a court with a lot of strength, brimming with energy for those who experience padel with passion. Furthermore, it boasts the excellence in finishing that characterizes any StarVie and Global Padel Court product.

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