The Padel World Summit hosted the Best Padel Awards

  • May 29, 2024

Last Wednesday, May 22, Testea Pádel, in collaboration with the Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) and the Institute of Automation and Industrial Informatics (ai2 Institute) at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, presented the awards for the best padel rackets and shoes during the Padel World Summit, the world's largest event for padel professionals.

A total of eight awards, spanning five racket categories and three shoe categories, were presented in the second edition of the Best Padel Awards. These awards have secured a significant place in the padel industry, attracting the interest of both brands and players.

After more than 300 laboratory tests, the winners are backed by scientific knowledge, technological research, and support from the sports sector. "Our goal is to provide players with a guide and reference to identify which products best meet their needs in a completely scientific and objective manner, based 100% on laboratory results," says Jordi Piedra, CEO of Testea Pádel.

The Testea Pádel Laboratory at the ai2-UPV Institute conducted tests on the rackets to analyze aspects such as maneuverability, ball output, sweet spot, power, and control, among others, to evaluate the five awarded racket categories. "The rackets underwent various tests to measure game characteristics objectively: moments of inertia on different axes in an inertia test, ball output in the low-speed pendulum station, power in the accelerated pendulum station, and the sweet spot with the robotic energy characterization station," explains Toni Correcher, Lead Researcher at the Testea Pádel Laboratory of the ai2 Institute.

Regarding the shoes, the Functional Footwear Laboratory at the Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) evaluated functional aspects such as comfort, cushioning, and power. "We assessed factors such as the weight and flexibility of the footwear, related to performance, as well as the deformation and energy return of the sole and insole, which greatly influence the shoe's reactivity. We also evaluated impact cushioning through a 'drop test,' and comfort and fit through specific user tests," details Juan Carlos González, Director of Innovation in Sports, Footwear, and Apparel at IBV.

Innovation in Padel

The winning brands in each category received the BEST24 seal, a distinction that highlights the excellence and superior performance of their products.

The world of padel has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with more brands and athletes using technology to test developments and ideas before taking them to competition. "Padel is a sport in full expansion where technological innovation is arriving very quickly in all its areas," says Juan Carlos González of IBV.

In this regard, "testing the innovations proposed by the R&D teams of the brands in the laboratory allows them to focus their efforts on developments that achieve the best results," adds Toni Correcher of the ai2-UPV Institute.

"The padel industry has undergone a paradigm shift in terms of business volume, allowing and requiring further professionalization in all aspects. Technology, research, and scientific knowledge are increasingly relevant in product development and all kinds of innovations," concludes Jordi Piedra, CEO of Testea Pádel.

Winners of the Best Racket on the Market

  • Best Control Racket: Nox ML10 Bahía
  • Best Hybrid Racket: Dunlop Galáctica Pro
  • Best Hybrid Control Racket: Nox ML10 Procup
  • Best Hybrid Power Racket: Siux Electra ST3
  • Best Power Racket: Head Extreme Pro

Winners of the Best Shoe on the Market

  • Best in Comfort - Fitting: Head Boa
  • Best in Power: Nox AT10 Lux
  • Best in Cushioning: Kuikma PS PRO

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