Dunlop shines at the Padel World Summit with innovations and awards

  • May 30, 2024

The city of Málaga became the epicenter of the global padel industry from May 21 to 23, hosting the innovative Padel World Summit. Organized by the International Padel Cluster, this event brought together padel professionals and enthusiasts from around the world to share knowledge and discuss the present and future of this rapidly growing sport.

In this context, Dunlop stood out with an impressive presence, showcasing a stand where it displayed a wide range of products and its latest innovations. Among the highlighted products was the award-winning Dunlop Galactica Pro racket, recognized at the Best Padel Racket Awards as the Best Hybrid Racket on the market. This award, granted by the independent laboratory Testea Padel, underscores Dunlop's commitment to innovation and excellence in each of its products.

Additionally, Dunlop introduced the padel world to its new super-premium ball model: the Dunlop Fort Padel. The ball has been designed to enhance durability and maintain its optimal performance match after match, thanks to its exclusive core construction and premium synthetic felt.

Dunlop's booth at the Padel World Summit not only served to showcase its products but also served as a meeting point for industry professionals, facilitating the exchange of ideas and exploration of new business opportunities. Visitors to the booth had the opportunity to firsthand learn about the features and advantages of Dunlop's rackets, balls, and accessories, as well as interact with brand experts.

The Padel World Summit has become the primary meeting point for the padel industry, and Dunlop's prominent participation in this edition reaffirms its position as a leading brand in the market. With a combination of award-winning products and a strong commitment to innovation, Dunlop continues to pave the way for the future of padel.

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