Padel Galis triumphs at the Padel World Summit with its innovative court

  • May 31, 2024

Padel Galis made a significant impact at the inaugural Padel World Summit, the international fair that gathers padel enthusiasts from around the world, held this year in Malaga. The Padel World Summit served as the perfect platform to showcase their latest innovations and reaffirm Padel Galis's commitment to excellence and technological innovation.

The Padel Galis stand was the ideal meeting point for new entrepreneurs in the sector. Visitors had the unique opportunity to get to know the brand up close, receive detailed information about its products and services, and consult with their sales team.

One of the main attractions at the Padel World Summit was the spectacular central court by Padel Galis. The new PPA Ultra, illuminated with perimeter lighting and covered with next-generation PGR turf, offers an unparalleled playing experience for all who have the chance to try it. This court not only stands out for its ultra-panoramic, visually clean aesthetic but also for innovative features like ball storage in the net post.

For all these reasons, during the event, Padel Galis was awarded the Best Court Project Award at the 2024 Padel Awards gala, a recognition reflecting the team's effort and dedication. The PPA ULTRA court was especially noted for its perimeter lighting, developed to reduce light consumption and achieve greater energy efficiency, as well as offering better lighting performance during play. Additionally, together with the best player in padel history, Padel Galis has made possible a new turf designed for the comfort and well-being of padel lovers, the PGR turf by Bela, with its functional and aesthetic design.

The success of Padel Galis was not only reflected in receiving the award but also in the large number of visitors to their stand, exceeding all expectations. They had the honor of hosting their official distributors from countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Denmark, who showed great interest in their innovations and strengthened commercial relationships.

One of the most special moments of the event was the exclusive activation dedicated to the Padel Galis Family. It was a very enjoyable activity where their collaborators could firsthand experience playing on the PPA Ultra court, serving to reaffirm the pride of being part of this great team that continues to grow and to foster contact among all members.

In short, Padel Galis's participation in the Padel World Summit 2024 was a resounding success in terms of exposure and networking, consolidating its leadership in the padel industry. Padel Galis is proud to have shared its innovations and received such a warm welcome from all attendees.

For more information and future updates, you can follow them on their social media. See you at the next edition of the Padel World Summit!

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