SIUX Pegasus takes the gaming experience to premium level with the new Revolution 2

  • June 03, 2024

Aiming to make every match a premium experience, Siux, a Spanish company specializing in padel, has launched the new Siux Pegasus Revolution 2, the brand's most exclusive racket.

The iconic Siux range introduces an elegant, professional-level racket with a medium balance and adjusted weight. This is a hybrid racket, notable for the technology incorporated into its faces: X Carbon. Developed exclusively for the padel brand, it features 12K carbon on the faces with a specific braid following an X pattern, offering the best sensations on the court along with a unique aesthetic finish in the market. Additionally, the reinforced 12K carbon tubular helps extend the racket's durability, making it a coveted item.

However, what truly stands out about this racket is its aspirational design: it incorporates chameleon paint, a type of iridescent paint with four layers that changes depending on the angle of light it perceives, and a velvet grip, an elegant and distinctive element.

The new Pegasus Revolution 2 also stands out for being one of the most complete and balanced rackets from Siux, ideal for all playing styles, thanks to its medium-hard feel and the sweet spot it incorporates in the center, leaning towards the head. 

On the court, all this translates into good hitting power and excellent performance when attacking at the net. In defense, it is a very comfortable and agile racket, allowing you to retrieve the lowest and most difficult balls without needing a full swing.

"With the Pegasus Revolution 2, we aimed to take design to the next level. This racket features unique materials like X Carbon, offering an exclusive design and guaranteeing the best possible performance. We also incorporated a velvet grip and a highly visual chameleon paint that exudes exclusivity and good taste," says Álvaro Alejandro Leonet, Siux's product director.


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