Wilson launches two balls in collaboration with Premier Padel

  • June 06, 2024

At the core of every thrilling rally and precise shot in padel is one essential component: the ball. Not just any ball, a specially designed piece that meets the demanding pace and variety of court surfaces found in the sport. With this in mind, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. has innovated once again, bringing two new additions to the court in partnership with Premier Padel, the new global padel tour: the Wilson Premier Padel Ball and the Wilson Premier Padel Speed Ball. Each has been meticulously designed to elevate the game of padel, providing unmatched consistency, durability, and playability in varied playing conditions.

On the one hand, the Wilson Premier Padel Ball is perfect for slowing down the game on faster court surfaces. This ball has been optimized for high altitude and hot, humid conditions, thanks to its newly engineered core and the innovative Dura-Weave Felt with HiVis colouring for easier tracking. This ball is ideal for players seeking better control and feel during fast-paced play. The environmentally friendly packaging cuts the overcap’s plastic waste by half, reflecting Wilson’s commitment to sustainability.

On the other hand, the Wilson Premier Padel Speed Ball is built for slower court surfaces and colder conditions, making it livelier and more responsive. Its HiVis Dura-Weave Felt ensures the ball moves quickly, maintaining pace and excitement in the game. This ball is perfect for those looking to inject speed and energy into their play, ensuring no drop in performance no matter the weather. Like its counterpart, this ball also features eco-conscious packaging, reducing the plastic waste for a greener planet.

Both balls have been validated and tested by the world's top padel players, ensuring they meet the rigorous standards of professional play. Crafted for peak performance and consistent play, they are available in 3-ball cans, allowing players to experience the next level of padel with every match.

As the official ball of Premier Padel, Wilson continues to lead in racket sports innovation, with both the Wilson Premier Padel Ball and the Wilson Premier Padel Speed Ball set to be the choice at several key tournaments of this season's tour across different countries. These padel balls promise to transform how the sport is played worldwide, enhancing both player performance and fan enjoyment.

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