Jubo Padel and Tienda PadelPoint sign a strategic agreement to boost the growth of padel internationally

  • June 10, 2024

Jubo Padel, a company renowned for the construction of padel courts at an international level, and Tienda PadelPoint, one of the leading companies in the sale of padel rackets and accessories, have announced the signing of a strategic agreement aimed at strengthening and expanding the sport of padel in global markets, offering comprehensive solutions to both players and sports clubs.

Through this collaboration, Jubo Padel and Tienda PadelPoint will join forces to provide a complete and high-quality experience to all padel enthusiasts. Jubo Padel will contribute its expertise in the construction and maintenance of internationally standard padel courts, while Tienda PadelPoint will provide its vast range of top-quality padel products and accessories.

This agreement will not only benefit players, who will have access to state-of-the-art equipment and courts, but will also support the growth and professionalization of padel in various regions around the world. Both companies share the vision of promoting the passion and innovation of padel as an accessible and exciting sport, and this collaboration is a significant step towards realizing that vision.

"We are delighted to partner with Jubo Padel. This agreement will allow us to offer our customers a complete and top-quality padel experience, from equipment to facilities," commented Alejandro González, CEO of Tienda PadelPoint.

For his part, Borja Periáñez of Jubo Padel added, "The combination of our expertise in court construction with Tienda PadelPoint's excellent range of products uniquely positions us to meet the needs of the growing padel market."

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