Playtomic joins forces with NDL PRO-HEALTH

  • June 10, 2024

Playtomic has entered into a collaboration agreement with the new line of dietary supplements NDL PRO-HEALTH -inspired by the professional expertise of the indefatigable Rafa Nadal and backed by the scientific and pharmaceutical quality of Cantabria Labs- to help all athletes who 'train for life' daily, especially racket sports enthusiasts, to fully enjoy their favorite exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle connected to the world of sports.

Playtomic, the app that has revolutionized the world of padel and already has more than a million active users, will collaborate with NDL PRO-HEALTH to promote the values of sport and provide its users with added value during their matches.

On the other hand, the dietary supplements line from Rafa Nadal and Cantabria Labs, intended for all audiences, will launch various leveling events through the app. Playtomic organizes events for users to level up, a highly celebrated initiative among padel players, who enjoy healthy competition related to these levels.

NDL PRO-HEALTH will also collaborate with Playtomic to offer its entire community of clubs (more than 1,000 in Spain) and their registered clients special access to its range of products -one for care and prevention (EVERYDAY); another for maximizing performance during sports practice (PERFORMANCE); and another for physical and mental recovery after exercise (RECOVERY)-.

In this way, NDL reinforces its intention to be available wherever the consumer is, an initiative that has recently led to the availability of NDL products not only on and major online platforms but also in a total of 86 El Corte Inglés centers across Spain and on their online channel.

This agreement with Playtomic comes just a couple of months after Rafa Nadal himself became a shareholder in the app.

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