Joma and A1 Padel launch the special edition of the Tournament Pro and Gold Pro rackets

  • June 11, 2024

In an exciting advancement for padel enthusiasts, Joma seeks to surpass itself continually, and for this reason, it has announced a collaboration with the international professional circuit A1 Padel. This alliance will revolutionize the gaming experience with the launch of two new models of padel rackets, completely revamped in terms of quality, design, and technology.

The Tournament Pro and Gold Pro models take center stage in this launch. These new models, designed for expert players, are equipped with the most innovative technology to deliver maximum performance on the court.

Each of them features specific characteristics such as the body, frame, or grip, to suit all types of players and techniques adequately. What they do have in common is that both models are packed with technical qualities developed at the Joma Pádel innovation center, aimed at enhancing performance.

For example, in the core, the high-density FLEXO BlackEVA stands out, a foam that promotes control and power; and FLEXSHIELD 3k Carbon, responsible for ensuring maximum durability and protection of the racket. On the other hand, the EXO COUNTER frame, constructed 100% with carbon, reinforces the foam and provides greater reactivity, while the VIBRA OUT bridge reduces vibrations from ball impacts by 40%. Finally, ROTATION is a relief technology applied to the racket's planes to achieve a better balance between control and spin on shots.

Joma strives to continually excel in the world of padel, and this release alongside A1 Padel aims to ensure that every player finds their perfect companion to enjoy the sport they are passionate about.

Finally, it's worth noting that the A1 rackets collection is now available for purchase both in Joma's official physical stores and online shop.

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