Portico Sport designs a platform so you can install your padel court on any terrain

  • June 13, 2024

Portico Sport's engineering team has developed an innovative elevated, modular, and detachable platform specifically designed to adapt to any type of terrain. This platform provides a solid and reliable foundation for all Portico Sport court models, allowing their customers to establish their padel space regardless of the terrain conditions.

Portico Sport's elevated platform is a structural solution that adapts to your terrain. Thanks to its adjustable pillar system, it overcomes the terrain limitations associated with normal padel courts without compromising the playing experience.

On the other hand, its unique design and screwing system allow for quick and easy installation. This means that in no time, your platform will be ready to accommodate any terrain slope and facilitate the installation of any of Portico Sport's padel courts.

Portico Sport's commitment to adaptive sports is reflected in every detail, prioritizing platform accessibility with a ramp specifically designed for that purpose. This ensures that players with mobility challenges can easily access the court, making padel truly inclusive.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that customers will save on site preparation costs and permit acquisition, as only a soil study is required to install the platform.

Key features

  •  Same structural strength as the Club court model, capable of withstanding wind speeds
  • Only requires a soil report for platform installation
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Structural stability to ensure the best gaming experience
  • Manufactured with premium steel and components for maximum strength and durability
  • Same 10-year warranty as all Portico Sport padel courts


  • Effortlessly overcomes terrain variations without the need for extensive and costly leveling or foundations
  • Saves valuable time and effort
  • Requires a simple soil test for placement, ensuring a seamless installation process
  • Avoids the hassles of permanent installation
  • Same 10-year warranty as all Portico Sport padel courts

Portico Sport's engineering department leads in the design and manufacturing of padel courts, ensuring that each elevated platform undergoes rigorous procedures. These include seismic analysis, deformation limitation, and verification of steel components according to ASCE 7-SEI 2019 and AISC 360-16 (LRFD) regulations. This commitment guarantees safety and quality in every detail, ensuring optimal performance and unmatched stability.

For more information about this elevated platform, where versatility and durability come together to offer you an innovative solution for paddle tennis court installation, please contact info@porticosport.com or visit www.porticosport.com.

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