StarVie presents its new padel rackets collection, Kenta Colours

  • June 25, 2024

StarVie has unveiled its latest creation, the Kenta Colours range of padel rackets, a restyling of its latest mold -the Kenta Eternal- which retains all the technological innovations of its predecessor and additionally incorporates the use of 3K Carbon Colours fiber.

Presented in gold and silver, StarVie introduces this new composition that enhances the elasticity of the padel rackets faces, providing greater ball output and a better sense of comfort. This launch reaffirms the Spanish brand's continuous commitment to excellence and technological innovation applied to sports.

The Kenta Colours range, a Limited Edition of 400 units, will be available in two foam rubbers.

On one hand, the Kenta Colours Pro, made with a high-density EVA V50 rubber core, characterized by offering greater power and better control. The hardness and rigidity of its faces, provided by the double layer of carbon (one layer of 3K carbon plus another of Colours carbon), make it a more technical padel racket aimed at mid to advanced level players looking to increase the power of their strokes.

On the other hand, its Soft version, the Kenta Colours Soft 30, features the V30 rubber inside, which has lower density, making it softer to the touch and offering the user a greater sense of comfort and playability, as well as excellent ball output. It is ideal for mid-level players seeking greater sensitivity in their hits.

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