Discover the latest collection of Kombat padel rackets

  • July 02, 2024

The new collection of Kombat padel rackets features a wide range of models designed to meet the needs of all types of players. From the Tactic line to the Multitask, each racket is meticulously crafted to offer you the best performance based on the type of player you are.


A line designed for 80% of players. These rackets have a medium balance, are well-balanced, have a medium core hardness, and provide precise ball output and powerful shots. Their distinctive K heart provides rigidity and resistance, as well as reducing vibrations. They feature a carbon tubular frame and 3D carbon faces, specially designed for Kombat.

Additionally, the rackets in the Tactic line have rough faces and metallic finishes, making them functional and stylish.

Tactic line rackets

  • Black MKIII (diamond shape)
  • Delta Force MKIII (round shape)
  • Hunter MKIII (teardrop shape)


Rackets for power hitters. They feature a harder core with 12K carbon, ideal for players who apply a lot of power in their shots and want the racket to transmit it to the ball.

This range has a slightly high balance, which favors executing attacking shots. The molds are specifically designed to have rigidity, partly thanks to the tubular frames.

Shooter line rackets

  • Green Beret (diamond shape)
  • Obus (teardrop shape)
  • Obus O’Neil (teardrop shape)


The Evo line is characterized by having a softer and very reactive core, which allows the ball to sink more into the racket, resulting in spectacular ball output, helping the player with every shot with minimal effort.

It features carbon in the tubular frame and 18K carbon on the face, making it a very fast core. Additionally, it provides greater touch and ball control thanks to its sanded face and characteristically low core hardness.

EVO line rackets

  • SWAT (diamond shape)
  • SWAT O’Neil (diamond shape)


A line with a single racket: the SAS, a round racket with Alutex on the face, making it the softest in the collection. It is characterized by great ball output, lots of control, and touch in all shots. It features carbon tubular frame and rough face, providing assistance in adding spin to the ball.

Still have doubts? In this image, you can see the classification of Kombat padel rackets based on their power and control, hardness, and ball output:

The new collection of Kombat padel rackets offers an option for every type of player. Whether you seek power, control, or versatility, these rackets offer the performance and quality to dominate the padel court.

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