Bullpadel presents its new "pearl"

  • July 04, 2024

Bullpadel reveals one of its best-kept secrets: the new racket of its latest addition, Bea González.

The new Pearl stands out mainly due to its TRINAMIC technology: the Pearl core, with an inverted triangular geometry, features various diagonal inlets and outlets, generating triangular volumes.

The achievement of this structure based on the principle of triangulation is not only visually striking but also significantly enhances performance and efficiency. By evenly distributing load forces along each of its sides, the triangular surfaces minimize weak points and increase load capacity, allowing you to maximize the speed of your hits without losing control.

Additionally, it incorporates Air React Channel technology, where the hollow structure increases the frame's stability, resulting in greater ball exit reaction and higher hitting precision.

Bea González, known for her precision and power in the game, has worked closely with the design team to ensure that the Pearl reflects her style and needs on the court. “I’m excited to finally be able to show my new Pearl. The wait has been long, but it’s been worth it. We have created a racket so that every player can experience exceptional performance,” says the player from Málaga.

The design of the Pearl focuses not only on functionality but also on aesthetics. With an elegant color scheme in pearly white and green details, the racket captures the essence of elegance and sophistication, living up to its name.

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