You can now consult the Global Padel Report 2024 by Playtomic

  • July 04, 2024

Playtomic, the world's largest community of racket sports clubs and players, along with PwC's Business Strategy Consultancy Arm Strategy&, have published the Global Padel Report 2024, the most comprehensive report on the trending sport of padel.

The acclaimed new annual report analyzes the current state of padel and provides a forecast for the sport's continued industry growth through 2024. A thorough analysis of global demographic, club, and player data has been conducted to offer the most up-to-date and accurate information on the world's fastest-growing sport.

This year's market analysis reveals an increase in the growth of padel clubs, with a solid global rise of 27% compared to last year. Adoption is expected to stabilize at a healthy annual rate of 17%, reaching an estimated 70,000 padel courts worldwide by 2026. Driving this impressive growth, the padel racket market surged in 2023, exceeding 6 million units sold.

Playtomic co-founder Pablo Carro said, "Last year's Playtomic Global Padel Report truly served as the Bible for our industry. Clubs, coaches, players, brands, investors, landowners, court builders, and media have turned to our report in their search for answers about the global padel industry and to understand the future direction of the world's fastest-growing sport."

"The 2024 Report does not disappoint. By highlighting the sport's growth in emerging markets like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and South Africa, along with traditional padel nations like Spain and Italy, the Playtomic Global Padel Report paints a picture of a sport whose moment on the global stage has arrived," added Carro.

Additionally, using significant data, the report meticulously examines the growth and behavior of players in the global padel environment, highlighting how padel has transformed into an inclusive sport, emphasizing how multi-club players and social relationships are driving the sport's growth: "The data reveals a growing trend among players: the willingness to travel considerable distances to play in different locations, both during holidays and at home. However, the difficulty in locating available courts, finding other players (of similar levels), and coordinating matches poses significant challenges in many booming padel countries."

Moreover, in a new section, the report identifies the essential elements for successfully operating a padel club, providing practical guidance for achieving sustained growth aimed at club owners and managers.

As the sport continues to grow, Playtomic, whose app reaches over 4 million players in 5,500 partner clubs in more than 52 countries, remains at the forefront of this global phenomenon. Their 2023 Global Padel Report recorded more than 88 million visitors and over 800 publications.

If you want to consult Playtomic's full Global Padel Report 2024, click here.

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