Padel Trend Expo becomes Racquet Trend Expo

  • July 05, 2024

The Italian fair Padel Trend Expo has announced significant changes for its third edition: it will move from Allianz MiCo to Fiera Milano Rho, change its dates from mid-January to early March (7th to 9th), and transform its concept from a specialized padel fair to encompassing all racquet and paddle sports.

Padel Trend Expo becomes Racquet Trend Expo, an international event celebrating all racquet and paddle sports: padel, tennis, pickleball, beach tennis, ping pong, badminton, and squash. Additionally, the Italian fair will now feature three new thematic areas:

  • Sports Tourism
  • Food and Wellness
  • Fitness

Racquet Trend Expo will also include a B2B networking area, where conferences, seminars, and workshops will be held to create valuable relationships and foster business collaborations among industry professionals. This networking environment will allow attendees to exchange knowledge, explore new business opportunities, and strengthen the international racquet and paddle sports community.

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