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Our passion for sports is what drives us. With over 10,000 paddle courts, more than 250 soccer fields, and over 100 projects for hockey, tennis, rugby, and other sports clubs in Europe, Asia, and North America, chances are we're close to you.

Just like you, we love seeing athletes perform chasing their dreams.

  • To put a smile on people's faces.
  • To keep everyone safe.
  • To create unforgettable experiences.
  • To set the stage for great performances.

Our solution to achieve this is premium sports turf systems. At Act Sports, we are perfectionists. That means we can't see a quality certification without trying.

We have recognition from several leading international sports organizations, including FIFA (football), FIH (hockey), World Rugby (rugby), and ITF (tennis). These recognitions endorse the superior quality, excellent playing experience, and unbeatable durability and safety of our sports solutions.