P-KAP joins the Cluster as an associate

  • February 29, 2024

P-KAP, one of the leading companies in automatic retail of top-brand sports equipment for racket sports, has partnered with the International Padel Cluster (IPC).

P-KAP is a startup dedicated to the outsourced vending service of accessories and balls for paddle tennis, tennis, and pickleball in racket sports clubs, integrating the sale of these products into automatic machines. Through the installation of these automatic machines, the company meets the most demanded needs before a match right on the court.

Beyond simply being a vending service located in sports centers, P-KAP stands out for its continuous commitment to improving the pre-match experience, focusing on digital solutions and finding synergies with different sectors to reach its goal and satisfy both the club and the player.

Their commitment to efficiency and convenience has led P-KAP to install automatic machines in various locations around the world, revolutionizing the experience in the sports clubs where they have provided their services.

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