The IPC has signed a collaboration agreement with INDESCAT

  • February 28, 2024

The International Padel Cluster (IPC) has signed a collaboration agreement with the Catalan Association Cluster of the Sports Industry (INDESCAT) in the framework of developing initiatives that promote the competitiveness of both parties and their members in the field of innovation, internationalization, talent, entrepreneurship, visibility, and networking in sports and physical activity.

INDESCAT brings together companies and entities linked to the world of sports with the aim of developing actions that improve the competitiveness of these organizations and those in their environment. Currently, they represent more than 140 companies and entities, with a total turnover of nearly 2.4 billion euros, encompassing the 5 major value chains or segments: events, facilities, goods and services, eSports, and sports tourism.

Agreed Actions

  • Creation of a working group that can generate interest for both parties (on padel, sports tourism, marketing, etc.).
  • Special prices on activities related to competitiveness or the field of Padel (events, conferences, sessions, webinars, etc.)
  • Collaboration in the production of activities related to competitiveness or the field of Padel.
  • Collaboration in the management of attendance at international sports and padel fairs.
  • Collaboration in the promotion and monitoring of entrepreneurship in the field of sports and padel.
  • Representation in state bodies where both organizations consider it appropriate for there to be representation from the Cluster or INDESCAT.

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