The CIP launches its internationalization project

  • March 15, 2024

The International Padel Cluster (CIP) announced during its III Extraordinary General Assembly, held last Tuesday, March 12th at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga (FYCMA), the launch of its "Ambassadors" project. This initiative is aimed at building a team of ambassadors around the world who will represent the Cluster in their respective nations.

The main objective of this innovative project is for the CIP to have a visible presence in different countries around the world. This will help Cluster partners to internationalize their company in that particular country, establish closer relationships with potential partners in the country, and also attract new partners.

The initial launch of this project will focus on countries where the paddle market is most relevant and in countries where, although the current revenue from paddle is not as significant, significant growth is expected in the future. Additionally, the possibility of incorporating proactive contacts into the Ambassador Team who approach the Cluster and possess interesting profiles to be part of the project will also be considered, provided that paddle is present in the country they wish to represent the CIP.

The first member of the CIP's Ambassador Team is the well-known entrepreneur in the nautical sector, Phillip Pereira, who will act as the Cluster's ambassador in the United Kingdom. Pereira, with whom contact was established during the ISPO Munich event, has been chosen to be part of the Ambassador Team because he has been playing paddle since 1990, was the director of the Marbella Times magazine, and has been a consultant in the leisure and sports sectors since 2021.



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