The UNE standard for padel courts is now a reality

  • April 25, 2024

Once the one-month deadline since its publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE) has passed, the new UNE standard for padel courts is ready for its final publication.

The UNE standard for padel courts is in the final stage of processing for publication. The Public Information period for the project "PNE 147201 Sports and recreational equipment: Padel courts. Safety requirements and test methods and inspection" has ended without receiving comments or objections to the project, so the processing will proceed for its final publication as a UNE standard, expectedly during the first week of May."

This standard, developed by the Technical Standardization Committee CTN-UNE 147 "Sports. Sports equipment and facilities", within the Subcommittee CTN-UNE 147/SC 2 "Sports, playing fields, and other recreational equipment", sets the essential standards for padel courts in Spain.

The main objectives of the UNE standard for padel courts are:

  • Define the essential and specific requirements that padel courts must meet to ensure their structural safety and usability.
  • Define the inspections, reviews, and tests that padel courts must undergo once installed.
  • Incorporate the applicable standards in the manufacturing of the main components of padel courts: structure, glass, flooring, and lighting.

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