The Cluster incorporates two new associates

  • April 30, 2024

DSV Solutions and Equip are the two latest companies to join the International Padel Cluster (IPC) as associates.


On one hand, DSV Solutions is an international logistics and transportation company that offers a wide range of services in supply chain management. It provides customized solutions for warehouse management, transportation, and distribution of goods for clients across various industrial sectors.

As a part of the Danish multinational transportation and logistics company DSV Panalpina A/S, DSV Solutions specializes in optimizing the efficiency and profitability of its clients' logistics operations, helping them reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. The company operates globally and has an extensive network of logistics facilities and distribution centers.


On the other hand, Equip is one of the leading companies in providing open access to sports and padel equipment. Its goal is to revolutionize the sports industry by making padel affordable, easy to practice, and accessible to everyone, anywhere, and anytime. Based in Switzerland and launched in 2021 by the Nidecker Group, a global leader in the snowboarding industry, Equip has built a strong community of nearly 20,000 active participants and is expanding across 8 countries.

The solution revolves around connected, compact, and energy self-sufficient lockers, with the latest addition specifically adapted for autonomously renting padel rackets and balls. Their mobile application, Equip Sport, developed entirely in-house, not only allows users to unlock the lockers but also serves as the only padel material reservation system based on an app, providing usage data and statistics to clubs, all with a single goal: the best user experience.

Equip's system is a valuable asset for padel, as it contributes to further promoting and expanding the sport and growing its community and player base. For clubs, the benefits of offering autonomous rental directly on the court to players who have not yet invested in their own padel equipment are manifold: from attracting new members through equipment rental and the Equip player community, to maximizing opening hours and saving on human resources.

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