Very positive results in the satisfaction survey of the Padel World Summit

  • June 28, 2024

The International Padel Cluster (CIP) has prepared a report on the results of the satisfaction survey sent to all professionals who attended the Padel World Summit, an unprecedented event that has set a milestone in the global professional padel industry.

The satisfaction survey, designed to assess the experiences and perceptions of professionals who attended the Padel World Summit, has revealed significant data regarding the quality and impact of the event. The report, compiled from the responses received, highlights several key points that reflect the success of the Padel World Summit.

Among the aspects most highly valued by professionals were the networking opportunities and the relevance of topics covered in the presentations at both the Investor Forum and the World Congress. Additionally, the survey also revealed that exhibitors at the B2B Expo rated very positively the quality and quantity of attendees. The Padel World Summit successfully brought together over 4,000 professionals from 73 countries across 5 continents (Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania), highlighting the event's ability to attract a global and diverse audience.

  • Countries of origin of the professionals who attended the event

In the satisfaction survey, respondents were also asked about areas for improvement for future editions. Among the most prominent suggestions were the need to choose a more accessible and internationally recognized location, the addition of dedicated B2C days at the Expo, and the optimization and enhancement of event promotion and advertising efforts.

It's worth noting that the overall average satisfaction score for the Padel World Summit is 5.59 on a scale from 1 to 7, which reflects very positively on the organization of this event and particularly on the International Padel Cluster.

Lastly, it should be noted that the comprehensive report on the satisfaction survey results will be sent soon and exclusively to the professionals who participated in it.

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