The IV Extraordinary General Assembly of the CIP will be held online and without elections

  • July 05, 2024

The IV Extraordinary General Assembly of the International Padel Cluster (CIP), scheduled for July 11, 2024, will finally be held online. This decision has been made after confirming that only one valid candidacy has been submitted to occupy the association's Board of Directors, thereby eliminating the need to conduct an electoral process.

The Delegated Board of the CIP has chosen to conduct the IV Extraordinary General Assembly online to facilitate the participation of all members, avoiding travel and allowing greater flexibility for those who wish to attend.

In the IV Extraordinary General Assembly, which will be held at the same scheduled time (11 AM), the new president of the Cluster will formally present the new Board of Directors, which will be composed of a majority of members from the previous board and will include 4 new additions. Furthermore, during this meeting, the Cluster's guidelines and strategic plans for the next four years will also be presented.

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