Italy will host the FIP European Padel Championships 2024

  • March 04, 2024

The International Padel Federation (FIP) has chosen the city of Cagliari as the venue for the thirteenth edition of the FIP European Padel Championships, which will take place from July 22nd to 28th, 2024.


Italy confirms itself as a strategic point for the growth of this sport at the highest level. The prestigious continental team tournament organized by the FIP, in collaboration with the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation (FITP), will be played in Sardinia, specifically in the city of Cagliari, which, thanks to the great organizational effort of recent years, has become the 'Island of Sport' and, in particular, the 'Padel Island'.

Cagliari has been committed to this discipline from the beginning, being one of the first in Italy, immediately recognizing its extraordinary potential. After hosting numerous international-level events in the Sardinian capital -such as the FIP Platinum, a stage of the CUPRA FIP Tour promoted by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Tourism, Handicrafts, and Trade Department, with the Patronage of the Municipality of Cagliari- Sardinia is ready to once again welcome the great champions of this discipline and the national representations of European countries who will compete for the continental title.

"Será un Europeo especial. Un Europeo que representará el crecimiento del pádel a nivel internacional y el gran trabajo de las federaciones nacionales en el desarrollo de nuestro deporte", señaló Luigi Carraro, presidente de la Federación Internacional de Pádel (FIP). "Deseo expresar mi agradecimiento a todos aquellos que han contribuido a lo largo de los años a la difusión del pádel en todo el mundo: los jugadores profesionales, los seniors, los juniors, los aficionados, los entrenadores, los árbitros y los oficiales. En Cagliari hemos vivido grandes eventos públicos y de pádel y estamos seguros de que Italia, país estratégico para todo el movimiento, desempeñará un rol preponderante en la organización de un Campeonato Europeo que potenciará un horizonte agonístico que nos importa especialmente: las competiciones por equipos con la camiseta de la selección nacional. Un agradecimiento especial a la Fitp que, manteniendo un rol central en Europa, ha trabajado en los últimos años para lograr grandes resultados deportivos y públicos", añadió.

"It will be a special European Championship. A Championship that will represent the growth of padel internationally and the great work of national federations in the development of our sport", said Luigi Carraro, President of the International Padel Federation (FIP). "I want to express my gratitude to all those who have contributed over the years to the spread of padel worldwide: professional players, seniors, juniors, fans, coaches, referees, and officials. In Cagliari, we have experienced great public and padel events, and we are confident that Italy, a strategic country for the entire movement, will play a leading role in the organization of a European Championship that will enhance a competitive horizon that is especially important to us: team competitions wearing the national team jersey. Special thanks to FITP, which, maintaining a central role in Europe, has worked in recent years to achieve great sporting and public results", he added.

"I am grateful to the International Padel Federation; we are happy and proud that they have chosen Italy and Cagliari to host such a prestigious international event", declared Angelo Binaghi, President of the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation (FITP). "In our country, no other sport has grown as much as padel in recent years. Furthermore, this growth trend does not seem to be stopping, thanks also to our commitment. Once again, together with FIP, we will put all our organizational skills into play to ensure that the next European Championship is a success and an additional international affirmation for padel", he added.







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