The FIP expands the number of teams that will compete in the Veteran World Championship

  • February 27, 2024

The International Padel Federation (FIP), once again following the philosophy of "thinking differently," has made a decision as memorable as extraordinary: increasing the number of national teams participating in the final phase of the FIP Seniors World Padel Championships 2024 in La Nucía (Alicante) from 16 to 24. This competition awards the world title in the Veterans category.


This decision stems from the enthusiasm of both federations and athletes, with a total of 30 men's teams and 22 women's teams from different countries -representing just as many countries- requesting to take to the court to continue their dream of winning a world title in the Seniors category.

In a letter sent to the National Federations of the FIP, signed by its president Luigi Carraro, it is stated that the FIP itself opens "the doors to more nations to participate in this unique event, celebrating the 'diversity' of the global padel: more matches, more competition, more excitement, and more fun. This edition will be the largest in history, setting new benchmarks in terms of organization".

Furthermore, Carraro emphasized that this is "the result of the tireless work of our affiliated federations, which have driven the development of padel and made this unprecedented growth possible". A result that is the offspring of an identical philosophy for the FIP and national federations, a philosophy that follows a firm and common concept in which talent knows no age, but only a different way of treating it: it must be nurtured with the young, pampered, and used as entertainment and didactic key for those players who have gone through the last years of our sport, leaving their mark.

That talent, like padel, has no age, and that the path taken by the FIP and national federations is the right one, is reflected in this massive demand for participation in the upcoming men's and women's Senior World Championships. Carraro, addressing the national federations, concluded with praise and a wish: "We are firmly convinced that together we will write another important chapter in the history of our sport, producing the most successful edition ever and offering our players and fans an unforgettable experience".



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