The PPA unveils a new brand image and corporate identity.

  • March 15, 2024

The world of professional padel enters a new era with the beginning of the 2024 season, a period marked by significant innovations. The Professional Padel Association (PPA) approaches this stage with renewed enthusiasm, reflected in a more dynamic brand image that aligns with contemporary times.

The new identity mirrors the brand's evolution towards professionalism and internationalization. The PPA's rebranding aims to construct a distinct identity that reinforces the association's growth, giving prominence to its initials while prominently featuring one of the sport's iconic symbols: the ball. This timeless emblem imbues meaning into the logo and is instantly recognizable.

Furthermore, colors play a pivotal role in the brand's corporate identity renewal process. The selected palette combines a variety of hues inspired by the essence of the sport, such as the court and the ball, enhancing personality and functionality in the digital environment an essential aspect today. It's believed that usability across digital platforms will improve due to the flexibility and adaptability of these colors.

The PPA's objective is to present itself as a brand tailored to modern times, both professional and international. Through the new branding, it seeks to strengthen its image and move forward, considering the challenges of the future.

The PPA's new corporate image is already showcased on the association's website and social media platforms.

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