Zaragoza will host the first National Sports Industry Encounter (ENIDE)

  • March 22, 2024

The Federation of Sports Management Associations of Spain (FAGDE), with the involvement of key players in the Sports Industry and the support of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) and the Zaragoza City Council, has convened the first "National Sports Industry Encounter of Spain" (ENIDE), which will be held on April 18th and 19th at the Siglo XXI Sports Pavilion in the city of Zaragoza.

In this way, a project is launched that aims to be cross-cutting and participatory, based on the commitment of the various actors in the Spanish sports ecosystem who show the willingness to come together and, subsequently, to drive the future of a fundamental sector in the Spanish economy.


  • Gather the largest possible number of companies and entities - both public and private - from the Sports Industry at a National Encounter.
  • Engage the key decision-makers of business organizations in the Sports Industry in managing ENIDE.
  • Lay the groundwork for establishing a solid and reliable communication network among all industry stakeholders.
  • 4. Promote the creation of the Spanish Sports Industry Cluster (CINDE).


With various formats designed to promote participation (such as conferences, roundtable discussions, interviews, etc.), the two-day ENIDE will address common interest topics including:

  • The scope and characteristics of the Sports Industry in Spain.
  • Sports practice in Spain and the consumption of sports goods and services.
  • The role of Clusters in the Sports Industry.
  • Impact of the image and success of Spanish sports and its repercussions on the sports industry.
  • The sports industry and the media.
  • Sports as an entertainment industry.
  • Basic criteria for a Sports Industry Cluster in Spain.

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