AFYDAD collaborates with ADESP in the distribution of 3.000 scholarships for athletes and other sports professionals

  • April 05, 2024

The Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Sports Articles (AFYDAD) participated in the presentation of "Alto Rendimiento Digital" (High Digital Performance), the training program in digitalization, innovation, and technology for the sports community promoted by the Spanish Association of Sports (ADESP). At this event, held at the Higher Sports Council and attended by representatives of the main actors in the sports ecosystem, AFYDAD signed a collaboration agreement with ADESP, in a new demonstration of support for a key sector of our society such as sports.


The institutional opening was conducted by the President of ADESP, José Hidalgo, who explained, "This is the most ambitious digital training program ever undertaken in the Spanish Sports Industry. And to make it a reality, we knew it was essential to involve all relevant entities in the field of sports in our country".

  • Jose Hidalgo, president of ADESP, with Guillermo Ruiz, vice president of AFYDAD

Subsequently, details of "Alto Rendimiento Digital" (High Digital Performance), ADESP's training program for the sports community to enhance their skills in digitalization, innovation, and technology, as well as in project management skills, culture, and strategy, were unveiled.

The training program consists of over 300 hours of content, entirely online, which will be delivered through an e-learning platform in synchronous and asynchronous mode, with a high level of support from specialized tutors and mentors.

Additionally, it offers a university degree from Rey Juan Carlos University for those with or without a bachelor's, master's, or diploma degree.

Athletes, coaches, and other professionals linked to the sports ecosystem will be the final recipients of the 3,000 full scholarships distributed by ADESP through the Spanish Sports Federations, professional leagues held in Spain, the Sports Councils of the Autonomous Communities, athletes' associations, and other relevant entities linked to Spanish Sports.

The courses will take place during the period 2024-2025 in four editions, the first starting from April 17 and until the end of July 2024.

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