The Hexagon Cup announces its second edition

  • April 15, 2024

The Hexagon Cup, the innovative team competition that drew so much attention last year, will return to the Madrid Arena from January 29th to February 2nd, 2025.

"We are delighted to announce the return of the Hexagon Cup to Madrid, the world's padel capital, where padel is officially now more popular than football", commented Simon Freer, president of the Hexagon Cup.

The choice of Madrid as the host city for the Hexagon Cup underscores its importance within the padel community and reaffirms its position as a prime destination for top-level sporting events. "We extend our gratitude to our hosts, the city of Madrid, along with the Madrid Padel Federation (FMP) and the Spanish Padel Federation (FEP), for their support, which not only fosters the sport's growth nationally but also elevates its status internationally. We are all looking forward to another thrilling tournament, filled with exciting matches, passionate fans, and unforgettable moments against the backdrop of this dynamic and welcoming padel loving city", Freer added.

Born under the motto "For the Fans. For the Players. For the Game", the Hexagon Cup is the premier team padel event, bringing together the best male, female, and 'next gen' players in mixed teams to compete for a prize of one million euros, one of the largest in the sport.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that each team is led by world-renowned figures from various sports, business, or entertainment industries such as Eva Longoria and her Eleven Eleven Team USA, Andy Murray and Team AD/Vantage, Robert Lewandowski and RL9, Rafa Nadal and his Rafa Nadal Academy Team (powered by Richard Mille), and Puerto Rican entrepreneur Carlos Lopez-Lay and Team Bella Puerto Rico. Additionally, the organization features a proprietary team whose players were selected by fans through voting.

To assess the impact of the inaugural event, the organizers of the Hexagon Cup enlisted the help of YouGov Sport to gather data and insights. With over 1,500 hours of live broadcast distributed to more than 190 markets internationally-across television and digital platforms- it was one of the most-watched events in padel history.

"We are incredibly proud of the impact of the first Hexagon Cup. These figures, along with the overwhelmingly positive feedback from players, teams, and media, exceeded our expectations and demonstrate that there is an appetite for new innovative concepts in padel", commented the president of the Hexagon Cup, who later added: "Our goal was to create something that would take the fan, the player, and the overall sporting level of padel to new heights, which is exactly what we have achieved. We are committed to growing and developing the event and will return even bigger and better to Madrid next year".

Finally, Simon Freer said: "We are also in the process of planning a small number of satellite events, along with some surprises for amateur players. These will bring the excitement of the Hexagon Cup to emerging padel territories, an important goal in our long-term mission to help grow the sport's popularity worldwide".

Meanwhile, Sarah Melville, Media Director at YouGov Sport UK, added: "For a first-time event, these figures are incredibly impressive, matching levels seen in the padel industry, and show that the Hexagon Cup has exciting potential ahead".

More announcements about the Hexagon Cup 2025 and its development will be made in the coming months as the event approaches.

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