CUPRA strengthens its commitment to padel

  • April 23, 2024

CUPRA began its commitment to padel in 2019, driven by the passion it feels for those projects and partners who share its ambition to challenge the status quo. Since then, it has continued to strengthen its bond with this sport, the fastest growing in the continent today, positioning itself as a driving force in its evolution.

Now, the brand highlights its ongoing commitment to padel in three ways: expanding the CUPRA Padel Tribe, a group of talented young heroes belonging to a new era, who share CUPRA's aspiration to go out and win; enhancing the brand's sponsorship agreements with the International Padel Federation (FEP); and promoting a new partnership with Premier Padel, the leading official professional padel circuit.

"CUPRA and padel share values and aspirations that are reflected in their competitive and challenging spirit. Both unite people through passion, innovation, performance, and emotions", declared Ignasi Prieto, Chief Brand Officer of CUPRA. "We have been committed to padel from the beginning and have never stopped believing in its potential. Its current success worldwide has proven us right, and CUPRA will continue to support this sport with the aim of making it an Olympic discipline", he added.

Just as CUPRA's trajectory, the popularity and impact of padel have skyrocketed in recent years, surpassing interest in any other sport in Europe and becoming the second most practiced sport in Spain. With 25 million players in over 110 countries, there are currently more than 50,000 courts dedicated to this sport worldwide. CUPRA leads the international padel scene by creating synergies with the biggest world competitions and top players, as well as by promoting the sport from its grassroots, supporting local teams and tournaments in different countries.

The company's objective is clear: to drive the international evolution of padel. With the goal of making it an Olympic discipline, CUPRA is actively contributing to shaping the future of this sport by partnering with the International Padel Federation (FEP) and sponsoring Premier Padel, the most important professional circuit currently in existence. Additionally, it has its CUPRA Padel Tribe, which includes some of the brightest young players in the world, among whom are now Bea González and Jerónimo "Momo" González, new brand ambassadors.


CUPRA entered the world of padel five years ago as the premium sponsor of all official competitions of the World Padel Tour (WPT). The brand's commitment to the sport has been clear from the start, partnering with clubs, sponsoring local and amateur tournaments, and supporting new talent. Driving the growth of padel from the grassroots is a priority in CUPRA's strategy, which aims to build a strong international foundation.

Therefore, over the past five years, more than 20 CUPRA delegations in Europe and the rest of the world have organized tournaments and created official teams, working with different federations. In 2024, the brand will sponsor more than 20 international tournaments and 130 local ones in 14 countries, collaborate with 11 national federations and 140 clubs, and grow the CUPRA Padel Tribe.

The Tribe is composed of a group of outstanding players who have played a key role in creating the bond between CUPRA and this sport. The team is eager to challenge the status quo and take padel to a new level alongside CUPRA. Among its members are young talents who represent the rebellious and unconventional spirit of the brand, who are willing to become the new heroes of a new era.

CUPRA has announced its new ambassadors: Bea González, who ranks 4th in the FIP ranking and competes alongside Delfina Brea, and Jerónimo “Momo” González, who ranks 14th in the same classification. They join a Tribe formed by 10 ambassadors, including Paula Josemaría and Ari Sánchez -the best female players in the world- and Alejandro Galán -currently in the Top 5 worldwide-, who have led the team for the past few years. Galán partners with Fede Chingotto on the court and, along with Sofía Araújo, Juan Tello, and Javi Garrido, they complete a diverse and highly qualified group representing the drive of a new generation of dreamers.


Recently, CUPRA has joined forces with RL9 Team, the padel team led by FC Barcelona's renowned soccer player Robert Lewandowski, to win the Hexagon Cup. Organized by the creators of Formula E, this disruptive competition features a unique team structure, led by sports icons and celebrities like Rafa Nadal and Eva Longoria. This collaboration, recently announced at CASA SEAT in the presence of all players, marks the beginning of a new chapter for CUPRA in the ever-changing landscape of padel.

CUPRA's dedication to this sport goes beyond associations and collaborations. The introduction of the CUPRA Wilson LT padel racket, the third product born from the alliance between CUPRA and Wilson, represents the brand's ambition to empower those challenging and unconventional individuals belonging to the world of padel. With an innovative design inspired by the rebellious spirit of the CUPRA UrbanRebel Racing Concept, this padel was created for a new generation of players seeking unparalleled performance on the court.

CUPRA's strategy with padel is a manifestation of its commitment to inspire, innovate, and elevate the sport, contributing to its growth on the international scene. Through significant collaborations and active participation in the development of innovative products, CUPRA has already made an indelible mark in this field. Embracing its unconventional spirit, the brand will continue to drive padel forward because, after years of collaboration, it is already an integral part of this sport: CUPRA is PADEL, PADEL is CUPRA.

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