Francisco Pérez Galisteo, founder and partner of Padel Galis, acquires a majority stake in AURO System

  • May 24, 2024

Francisco Pérez Galisteo becomes the majority shareholder of AURO System, a project to which he will bring all his experience in the sector. Together with the founding partners, Marco Lucas and Javier Costa, he aims to ensure the development and growth of the brand, with the short-term goal of reaching sales of 5 million units per year.

Francisco Pérez Galisteo is the founder and partner of Padel Galis, the world's largest manufacturer of padel courts; founder and sole owner of Family Sport Center, which will become the largest club in the world after its renovation -with 41 courts-; as well as founder and majority partner of Domotik Padel, which aspires to be the largest chain of automated padel clubs and will open its first clubs in 2024.

The restless Cordoban entrepreneur, settled in Valencia for years, thanks to the acquisition of the majority stake in AURO System, continues his quest to promote the globalization of padel and enhance the development of this sport worldwide. A personal challenge he reinforced with the sale of a percentage of Padel Galis in 2021 to the investment fund Grupo Atitlan, to boost the company in its international expansion.

"It's a pleasure to become part of the AURO System family alongside Javi and Marco. I am particularly excited to join a project that makes the learning experience of padel and tennis enthusiasts easier and safer", Pérez Galisteo states.

On his part, Marco Lucas is pleased with Fran's entry into the company: "We are confident that his joining will be a significant boost for our growth and development". Similarly, Javier Costa points out that "his experience and knowledge of the sector will ensure that everyone becomes aware of and can enjoy the benefits of AURO System Grip".

AURO System Grip facilitates grip correction for tennis and padel players, undoubtedly one of the main challenges faced by those looking to improve their technique and game in both sports. It not only enhances striking technique but also transforms the learning experience, allowing players and coaches to achieve the correct grip efficiently in just 1 minute, whereas it typically takes 30/50 classes to do so.

The system is suitable for both amateurs and professionals since it also improves the vibration of the racket, reducing the likelihood of injuries such as the commonly known "tennis elbow." Thanks to its design, which perfectly fits the hand, it helps reduce fatigue and injuries.

Furthermore, the quality of its premium materials ensures durability, wear resistance, and superior grip, even in humid or sweaty conditions, whether the player is left-handed or right-handed.

It's worth noting that AURO System boasts two prominent brand ambassadors: Sanyo Gutiérrez and Ksenia Sharifova.

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