World Padel Report 2024, the first official FIP report on the padel movement

  • June 11, 2024

The president of the International Padel Federation, Luigi Carraro, on the occasion of the FIP General Assembly in Asunción (Paraguay), presented the first edition of the World Padel Report, an analysis of the FIP’s activities, carried out by the FIP Research & Data Analysis Department, the Federation’s research center. It is a meticulously detailed work, also made possible thanks to the contributions of numerous affiliated federations representing the five continents, through the FIP National Federation Survey 2024, the data collection used for some aspects of the report.

The report aims to highlight the growth of padel worldwide in recent years through figures related to participation, the organization of competitive events, and sports performance. Among the available analyses are the latest updated data on the countries where padel is played (130), the growth and number of clubs -currently almost 20.000 worldwide with over 63.000 playing courts- amateur players and more, data that testify to the exponential growth of our sport.

In the chapter on the organization of competitions, it is possible to find both the history and statistics of the three FIP circuits -Premier Padel, CUPRA FIP Tour and FIP Promises- as well as the honor roll of world competitions by nation in various categories. In the section dedicated to performance, there is the analysis of the FIP male and female rankings for both professional players and juniors.

In the second part of the report, technical sheets have been included for each of the 71 federations associated with the FIP -which increased to 81 precisely on the occasion of the Asunción summit- with the ‘identity card’ of the countries affiliated with the International Padel Federation in terms of participation, organization, and sports results. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT

Ultimately, the World Padel Report is a valuable tool for Federations; for those who wish to delve into the global phenomenon of padel; for the media in producing articles, focuses, or specials. It is also beneficial for sports professionals and also for all those who love padel and want to take a tour around the world -our world- through the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

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